Cardiovascular prevention II: How to reduce my risk of heart attack and stroke

Chi va piano, goes Sano e va lontano it is better to change slowly but durably this article is the sequel to the previous: Check-up: Cardiovascular prevention I.   How can we reduce our risk of myocardial infarction (MI) or stroke in the future?   Concretely: Improve the style of ...
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Check-Up: Cardiovascular prevention I

Check-Up: Cardiovascular prevention The goal: to reduce the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke knowing your individual cardiovascular risk recognizing the measures that could reduce this risk put in place a personalized strategy Accompany the patient in the pursuit of objectives (coaching) a check up includes among other things, an evaluation of ...
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Winter Blues? The benefits of Light therapy

Winter Blues? The benefits of light therapy also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (TAS), from the English Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD), this is a decline in mood appearing during the winter period and associated with the decrease in exposure to Sun. However, it may also occur in other seasons. Seasonal depression can reach up to 15% ...
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Do we have to get vaccinated against the flu?

The flu epidemic arrives with winter every year and lasts until March. It should not be confused with a cooling, because the consequences can be serious particularly for the elderly 65 +, pregnant women, babies and people with chronic illness. Every year there are several hundred ...
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What is a family physician,-first resort,-generalist or internist?  Definitions.

Info-Med Newsletter 1 General medicine is a medical specialty that supports sustainable monitoring, welfare and primary general medical care, without limiting itself to groups of diseases within an organ, age, or gender. The general practitioner (also known as a general practitioner or family physician) is therefore often ...
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